My beautiful 8 year old daughter – Miss M was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism in early August 2013.  We had suspected if for a couple of months, so I have been reading like a mad woman trying to educate myself on what it is.  I had never heard of Hypothyroidism before, let alone Hashimoto’s.  All I knew about the thyroid is that it is in your throat!  My aim is to use this blog as a platform to assimilate all the information I come across and share it with others.  Although it is quite a common disorder in adults (especially women), there is very little information out there relating specifically to children.  Being an endocrine (hormone) disease, I can only imagine that some symptoms may differ pre and post puberty.

Welcome to our journey, and please feel free to contact me with any info you’d like to share!

My disclaimer is that I am not a doctor, I’m a Mum, so nothing I write should be taken as medical information, diagnosis etc.  If you are concerned about your child, my suggestion would be to take them to your local doctor and take it from there.

Having said that, I didn’t write I’m “just” a Mum, because I really think we are in the front line of the battle.  Unlike the endocrinologists who see you for half an hour, once every couple of months, it is us Mums and Dad who have to deal with the day to day reality of this insidious disease, so I think we earn a certain amount of “experiential knowledge” of what life with Hashimoto’s is really like.

Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to hearing your comments!

Best wishes,



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