Week 1 Round Up

Well…we did it.  We survived Week 1 of diagnosis.

Had a few hurdles:

  • Discovered Miss M can’t swallow tablets at all – not even tiny ones – not even one half of one tiny one.
  • Discovered Miss M can’t ‘eat’ a tablet if it is hiding in something – it just gets stuck to her tongue (even in something sticky like peanut butter or golden syrup – yes, we tried both)
  • There is no way on a school morning that we are going to get that tablet down half an hour before breakfast.
  • Massive meltdowns are still here.

But we’ve also had a few successes:

  • Miss M has taken her tablet every day without refusal
  • Miss M understands that even though she loves dairy and bread and pasta that we have to give them up for a while.
  • Discovered a few awesome treats that I have made to make the transition a little easier
  • Chocolate Chia pudding makes for a healthy breakfast that kids are happy eager to eat and you can easily mix a crushed up tablet into it.

I managed to find a few books in the library on Thyroid issues, so I’ve been nose to the grindstone trying to get through them.  Stay posted because I’ll put up reviews of each book as I finish them.

How was your week?


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